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lembang MP3 2010-1lembang MP3 2010-1Ministry of Agriculture Republic of Indonesia through The Agency for Agricultural Human Resources Development (AAHRD) in cooperation with ASEAN Secretariat organized “Training of Trainers for Participatory Training Programme on Agricultural Extension Methodology (TOT PTPAEM)”, This training taken place on Jakarta, National Agricultural Training Center (NATC) Lembang. The number of participants is 16 persons from 8 Country: Afrika Selatan, Laos, Mesir, Timor Leste, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar and Indonesia.




The opening ceremony held on Sunday, October 17st, 2010 at 07.00 a.m in Catur lembang MP3 2010-2lembang MP3 2010-2Gatra Room, Building D The Agency of Agricultural Human Resources Development Office. The training officially opened by The Director General of KAPUSBANGLUTTAN, Mr. May Rochyat attended by Representative from ASEAN Secretariat and Director of National Agricultural Training Center Lembang. In NATC Lembang they will be for 12 days from October 18st – October 30th, 2010. Arrival of participants greeted with welcome dinner by the Director of NATC Lembang, Mrs. Rosana Suzy on Monday, October 18st, 2010 at 7:00 p.m.




During stay in NATC Lembang, in Tuesday October 19st, 2010, all participants make a presentation about their country, PTPAEM Programme Orientation and after that training Framework. Wednesday October 20nd, 2010, they get theories about Identification of advanced Farmers and Advanced Farmers Group, Advanced Farmers and Advanced Farmers Group Information’s Explorations Explorations and Explanation of Extension Material and Media from Lecturer NATC Lembang. And they visit to Bandung District (Cihideung), and FARTC Mekar Tani Jaya.




lembang MP3 2010-3lembang MP3 2010-3Thursday October 23rd, 2010, the participants go to Subang District  visit Farmer group with specific aspect, Whednesday 27rd, 2010 Preperation of Extension material, Thusrsday 28rd, 2010 extention material and review of, Friday October 29rd, 2010 presentation up session Presentation/seminar group report and action plan. Then Saturday October 30rd, 2010 Respect countries.

Tentang Kami

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Motto kami:
           Taqwa dalam beragama,
           Santun dalam Berperilaku,
           Prima dalam Berkarya

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